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Ely enjoying the relaxed glamour of the California lifestyle

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Where do you place the Staff of Ra?

Back at it, 2020. Two Four Left.

Ely says Happy New Year

Top Nine 2019.

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SSTV Images from the ISS

ARISS is running a special event, sending SSTV images from the International Space Station. I set up the radio to try to receive these, and I was able to get …

Antenna Party

What HF Radio Should I Buy?

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Issues of Trust with Blockchain

Blockchain doesn’t eliminate the need to trust human institutions. There will always be a big gap that can’t be addressed by technology alone. People still need to be in charge, …

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ADS-B Flight Radar

Ok, so this is pretty cool. I’ve got an RTL-SDR dongle connected to a Raspberry Pi, and it’s receiveing ADS-B data over the air from aircraft it can hear from …