doing.txt – Time / Task tracking extension for Alfred v2

I work as a consultant, so tracking my time is very important. The tool we use internally for time cards is terrible, so several years ago I started logging my time in a text file (I call it “doing.txt”, it lives in Dropbox), and using that file as a reference to enter my time each week.

Over time the format of the file evolved, until I discovered TaskPaper, a “magic notebook” designed for to-do lists. I don’t use TaskPaper much anymore, but I still use the format for my time-tracking log.

Another tool that I’ve grown quite addicted to is Alfred. The more I discovered the power of Alfred, I decided to try to make my life easier by enabling logging to my time log using Alfred.

If you think this might be useful, you can grab it from GitHub. Let me know how you like it.

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