Reddit DMR Gateway

Information on the XLX216 KM8V Multi-protocol reflector, supporting DMR, D-Star, FusionP25, Echolink and AllStarLink.

NOTE: Users coming in on Echolink or AllStarLink will appear on DMR and the XLX216 reflector as “W5RI“, not their actual callsign.

D-Star users should connect using DCS (DCS216). XRF is known to have issues.

Currently, the following interlinks exist:

Brandmeister Talkgroup 98003 (Reddit) is bridged to:

AllStarLink node 48224
Echolink node W5RI-L
XLX216 D-Star module E

YSF Reflector (details below)

Brandmeister Talkgroup 31391 (Northeast Ohio) is bridged to:

XLX216  D-Star module D

System Fusion YSF Reflector:

YSF 35010 US Reddit Reflector (Linked to BM 98003)

Other links: