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Ohio ARES D10 2021 Messaging Exercise

District 10 will be running some lightweight, easy-to-follow activities throughout 2021 to help you s keep those messaging and digital muscles that they needed for SET in-shape.  As any potential …

Old School / New School

2020 ARRL RTTY Roundup

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ADS-B Flight Radar

Ok, so this is pretty cool. I’ve got an RTL-SDR dongle connected to a Raspberry Pi, and it’s receiveing ADS-B data over the air from aircraft it can hear from …

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Facebook Is a Doomsday Machine

If the age of reason was, in part, a reaction to the existence of the printing press, and 1960s futurism was a reaction to the atomic bomb, we need a …

Airband HF Monitoring

Tim Bray: Just Too Efficient