2022 ARRL January VHF Contest

With very few brief openings on 6m, a lot of this one was like watching paint dry.

Only a 6m loop and a 2m/70cm e-factor loop here up about 22ft.
IC-7610 and 9700 SO2R Dual-band mobile on 146.52 to catch some FM contacts

Got up a little early on Sunday to try some MSK and make a few contacts before 6 started back up. Sunday afternoon and especially evening was, no fun at all, but I enjoyed chasing / defending my position on the online scoreboard, and I beat last year’s score by a fair margin.

If you don’t watch and submit the online scoreboard, I highly recommend it. I would’ve been out of the chair a lot earlier if I wasn’t motivated by KA8CNI chasing me, and the trash talk via text messages was fun as well. Looking forward to the June VHF, which I think is usually more fun.

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