Happy New DX Marathon Year


Earlier this evening, UTC time it became 2021. Still waiting for the ball to drop in Times Square, but I reset my log for the 2021 DX Marathon.

The Marathon is something fun to do each year to give you some DX to chase. For the calendar year, you try to work as many countries and CQ Zones as possible. For 2020 (214) I beat my 2019 score (180), and it’ll be fun to see how 2021 goes.


After the reset, everything in JT-Alert turned pink. Crazy, right? Everything is needed and SpotCollector is all lit up!

It is worth noting that for CQ’s purposes, there are some countries they count that are not on the ARRL DXCC List. Check this link for more details.

Head on over to dxmarathon.com and see how you can have some fun in 2021.

Update 1/5/2021: Check out the KM8V 2020 Places Worked Map.

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