This morning we woke up in Casper, WY. We slept in a little later than the past several days.. driving around two large national parks for 4 days wore us out a bit. Happily we only had a relatively short drive today from Casper to Cheyenne.

We stopped a few times along the way to snap some photos of the scenery..

high plains


Ike is becoming quite the well-travelled puppy dog..


Once we got to Cheyenne, we found out there wasn’t much to do. There’s an Air Force base here that was home to one of the first ballistic missle groups, but they don’t give tours anymore.

There’s also a big Union Pacific railroad depot in town..

union pacific

union pacific engine

union pacific engine

..but they’re renovating the museum, so that’s closed too.

In a park near our hotel, they have a Union Pacific Big Boy on display..

big boy

big boy

..said to be one of the largest steam locomotives ever built.

They had an old west shootout in downtown Cheyenne..



Tonight we’re at the Hitching Post..

hitching post

Another city, another sunset..

cheyenne sunset

..tomorrow, Estes Park, Colorado.