Today we woke up in Lincoln, Nebraska. After breakfast, we headed up to the Strategic Air and Space Museum. .

SAC Museum

They had some pretty nifty stuff, like this SR-71..


..and a B-17..

Flying Fortress

Tail Gunner

..and a B-52, including a cockpit you could climb into..

Stratofortress Cockpit

Stratofortress Cockpit

They also had some nifty old SAC comm and missile silo launch-control consoles..

SAC Comm Console

SAC Comm Console

SAC Missile Silo Launch Console

SAC GHFS Comm Console

..and some other nifty stuff..

M*A*S*H Jeep

Quilted Flag


After the museum, we headed for Missouri, but we had to cross this toll bridge from Nebraska first..


We drove completely across Missouri..


old barn

..to Hannibal, the home of Mark Twain.

Sorry, no sunset photo tonight.