Excito Portfolio

where You want it

You can offer an innovative entertainment solution, delivering any content to any screen and any number of users.

We deliver the in-home hardware, integration of services and a smart application that can be managed remotely.

The combined solution means all entertainment is unified in one app, with one touch movement of content across any device, plus personalization and premium services – all enablers for improved monetisation (ARPU) and user satisfaction.

Together let’s re-define entertainment on-demand.

Unify content

Unify all available content

Define a new way to consume entertainment. Your way.

Give your customers a simplified experience by unifying
all entertainment services into one place. Your app.

With Excito you can bring together TV, Movies, Music,
YouTube and all personal content.

One application, one provider and one destination
for premium services. You.



Make Devices Smart

Make all devices smart

There are millions of connected smartphones and tablets in the world. There are billions of unconnected televisions and stereos. Let’s make all devices into smart devices.

With Excito you can network all devices, creating a wireless entertainment system for hardware that your customers already own.

That’s smart.

Move Content


Move content
with a fingertip

With many TV screens, smart mobile devices and music systems in the house – why is it not easy to move content between them?

Excito make content ‘liquid’ – so your customers can simply drag and drop entertainment between devices. The content stays in sync, and devices can be grouped for multiple device play back.

Now it’s easy.


Personal Touch


with a personal touch

With so much on-demand content available, your customers
can have the problem of too much choice.

Excito solve that problem with universal content search
and clever discovery engines populated with community and
Facebook metadata. That means you can focus on delivering
quality entertainment they want to see.

That’s personal.

Simple Set up Experience

A simple, intuitive

If you believe that new technology should have an easy first-time set up, and a simple, intuitive user interface. You’d be right.

Excito has a passion for ease of use and great interaction – we bring our expertise of UX and UI and make sure that your customers get working quickly, stay happy and engage with as much content as possible.

It’s that simple.

Access everything with full touch control

Full Touch Control

Controlling content was never easier. Just open the app on your smartphone or tablet, discover the entertainment you want, and select where you want to playback.

Everything is managed from a touch screen device – from simple volume control, easy content discovery – through to advanced second screen services. A familiar, innovative and intuitive app for the whole family.


Hardware as you want it

Hardware as you want it

Excito have off the shelf products that are white label ready – we’ll also build to your specifications. We deliver IPTV, OTT and Hybrid hardware solutions.

We can be the only hardware deployed in your customer’s home – or we can integrate with other manufacturers you already deployed.

Our products are delivered to you – branded, packaged and ready to ship. It’s Your product and Your service. We don’t tell you what hardware you need – we work as a partner to deliver it.