2020 WW Digi Contest

The second ever WW Digi FT4/FT8 contest just wrapped up, and it was fun. I beat my score from last year by a lot. Soapbox comments and some images:

As usual, spent more time in the chair than I expected to. That seems to happen when Doug AB8M and I are neck and neck on the online scoreboard..

The first half of this contest is just awful. 20 meters is a slog, with lots of QRM and QSB which makes it difficult to get any consistent rate going, at least with 100w and a wire. Once the sun goes down and 40/80 jump to life, it’s an entirely different ballgame.

Crashed at about 0600z and got back up for the last two hours, which were awesome. If the second half of this thing wasn’t so much fun, I probably woulnd’t do it again. 73 de KM8V

Grid Squares Worked w/Grid Field Multipliers

3830 Claimed Score

Update 12-7-2020: Now with 100% more certificate. The NIL rates in these FT contests is bonkers. It’ll be interesting to see what they are for the FT Roundup.

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