2021 ARRL June VHF Contest

This past weekend was the 2021 ARRL June VHF Contest. Last year, we had some good band openings on 6m and I put up a pretty decent score. I was hoping for a repeat this year, and I got close, but 6m did not cooperate.

There was a small opening on Saturday, and a longer, better one on Sunday morning, but the rest of the contest was a slog. I managed to grind out some multis, but it was not necessarily what I’d call “fun”. As always, what was fun was chasing Doug AB8M on the scoreboard.

The unfortunate thing is that we had some really great 6m openings the week before the contest, and another one on Monday right after. It would’ve been amazing had that happened on the weekend. Oh well, now it’s time to look forward to Field Day. 73

KM8V 2020 ARRL June VHF Worked Grids

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