Mt. Rushmore

So today we got our window fixed in Rapid City, SD. I didn’t take a photo of the glass place, sorry.

With new glass, we headed down to Keystone, SD to see Mt. Rushmore..

mt rushmore daytime

Then we headed toward Custer, SD to see the Crazy Horse Memorial..

crazy horse

We ended up skipping it since they wanted $18 to see it, and it’s not even done yet. 🙂 We got the above photo as we turned around and headed for the hotel.

When we got there, this cool little helicopter was taking folks for scenic views of the area right across the street (i didn’t go for a ride)..


After resting a bit in the hotel and grabbing some dinner, we headed back up to Mt Rushmore for their lighting ceremony. While we waited, this really nifty thunderhead showed up to the north..


..and as the sun began to set..

thunderhead orange

As it started to get dark, we listened to a park ranger give a talk about Teddy Roosevelt, watched a short movie and sang the Star Spangled Banner as they began to turn on the lights..

mt rushmore night

And as our day of glass fixing and colossal sculpture gazing came to a close, we decided to end it properly..


Tomorrow it’s on to Wyoming.